Here are Tips for Starting Stock Investing

Here are Tips for Getting Started Investing in Stocks – In our discussion this time, we are going to discuss how to start investing in stocks for beginners which we will explain in as much detail as possible in language that is easy to understand by most people.

Today, you can make good use of your stock investments to plan for a strong financial future without having to work hard. However, in Indonesia, there are still many people who are afraid to try it, and most of the people who feel this fear think that investing in stocks is a scam and that the profits promised from the beginning did not actually happen.

In fact, investing in stocks is not just a hoax, investing in stocks is a very promising passive income which will definitely support the investors’ finances in the future. So, start managing your money by investing in stocks.

Tips to start investing in stocks, Here are Tips for Starting Stock Investing

Over time, the Indonesian people started to get to know the world of stock investing better, and some of them started daring to enter this world. It is believed that this will continue to increase over the next few years, so for sure more and more beginners are trying to find out information about it.

Choose securities with low (small) transaction fees.
The first step you should take to start investing in stocks is to choose securities that have low (small) transaction costs. Next, you need to open a securities account that has been properly facilitated by the securities company. Therefore, when performing transactions such as reloading funds to stock accounts for ongoing investment activities, you do not need to incur very large transaction fees.

Select Banking Stock (Consumer Goods)

In addition to choosing a stock company that can have low transaction costs, you also need to choose stocks that come from companies operating in banks or consumer goods. The reason is that the two companies involved in this field are companies with fairly simple commercial characteristics.

In addition, these two companies are also able to generate large profits every year, so that the share prices of these two types of companies tend to rise.

Buying shares that can be officially issued by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
In this case, do not forget that in other words, you are obligated to buy shares officially issued by the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is the body that regulates and can provide a system and means to combine offers to buy and sell securities from all interested parties for the purpose of securities trading.

Buy good stocks at discount prices

Most people who are new to the world of stock investing have their own ideas, i.e. avoid falling stock prices. But in fact, this is not entirely true, because there are many cases when when buying a share when the price decreases, in the future it will actually rise or even be higher than the initial price. However, to do this, you should also pay attention to other aspects.

Benefits of investing in stocks

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Get potential capital gains
What is meant here is to develop a company in which you invest your shares from time to time, usually followed by an increase or increase in the company’s share price. Well, you can use this big price increase to sell the shares at a higher price.

Get dividends
Dividend is the distribution of profits to shareholders according to the number of shares owned. When a shareholder receives a dividend, the shareholder is automatically and indirectly recognized as the owner of the company and has the right to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).

Thus, the review here is tips to start investing in stocks, hopefully helpful.

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