Here’s How to Buy Stocks for Beginners

Here’s How to Buy Stocks for Beginners – Stocks are one of the investment vehicles in the form of a sole proprietorship or participation in a company. Investing in stocks has potential, especially since the Indonesian stock market continues to grow from time to time. But for those who are just getting started, how do you buy stocks for beginners?

When we invest in the shares of the company, we can say that we are the owners of the company in proportion to the shares we own. Therefore, although we can only own one share of the stock, it can be said that we own the company.

However, investing in stocks can have a very high risk, but in fact this investment can be profitable with a high percentage as well. It also happened to Lo Keng Hong, one of the major investors in Indonesia.

Lo Keng Hong is called Indonesian Warren Buffet, and he could become a billionaire thanks to his investment in stock instruments. Undiluted, it would have tasted the sweetness of stock by up to 12,500 percent.

It can be said that his life is now in a state of financial freedom or his free financial experiences in stock analysis. He also constantly benefits from rising stock prices, capital gains, or profit sharing from profits or company stock dividends.

How to buy stocks for beginners
Choose a broker or stock company
A stock account is used to store the shares owned by Mother. While RDN is an account for storing balances or funds for stock transactions. Well, in choosing this stock company, it should not be arbitrary, yes.

Choose a security company with good performance and history. In addition, ensure that the stock company chosen is registered and supervised by the OJK. Don’t worry about opening an account during Corona. Some securities are starting to implement full online services in a fairly quick time.

Prepare document requirements

However, when registering as an investor in a securities company, there are several documents that must be prepared. In general, some of these requirements include:

  1. ID card or other ID card
  2. A copy of the savings book
  3. 6 thousand stamps
  4. Some also require NPWP
  5. For securities firms that cannot offer online account opening services, files must usually be submitted. After meeting the various requirements, the account will be processed.

Download the app to buy stocks
When the account and username are active, you can install stock apps from stock companies. All securities firms must have an application to transact in the stock exchange or capital market.

Deposit money in RDN

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After making sure that your account is active, you can actually trade shares immediately if you already have a balance. The trick, mom is simply transferring some money to the account. It is the balance in the account that can later be used to buy the selected shares.

stock transaction
It is important to note that the stock market offers buying and selling services only on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. There are two sessions of stock trading during the weekdays, the first session starts from 09.00-12.00. In addition, the second session is held from 13.30 to 16.00. However, since the pandemic period, this session has been reduced to 15.30.

A total of 1 lot of stock equals 100 shares. These criteria may differ if you are investing in another country. So the calculation is, if the price of one share is Rp. 1,000, so one lot is equal to Rs. 1000 x 100 = Rs. 100,000. The price does not include tax transaction fees and securities management fees.

So this review is how to buy stocks for beginners, hopefully helpful.

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