Investing in Stocks Online Let Kwan Go

Investing in Stocks Online Let Kwan Go – Investing in stocks has now hacked the internet. Only from a mobile phone or laptop connected to the Internet, you can trade stocks. Stocks are defined as investments with a high level of risk. However, these risks are proportional to the profit or return obtained.

That is why it is called a high-risk, high-return investment. If you are able to analyze stocks and manage their risks well, you can make a lot of money. Hundreds or even thousands of percent. Come, invest stocks online. The capital starts from IDR 100 thousand, but you can already trade shares online.

Investing in stocks online

Understand the peculiarities of running out of stock

Stocks are securities of the company. Investing in stocks means that you buy shares of a company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This means that you become the owner of the company. You have the right to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) which is held regularly and receive dividends or share the profits of the company.

Before buying company shares, you should know them well. Words for stock companies whose owners are honest, integrity and have a proven track record. Moreover, the business is good, it prints great earnings growth, and the valuation is cheap.

Investing in Stocks Online Let Kwan Go

Open a stock account in Sekuritas

Without a stock account, you cannot trade stocks. So, first create a stock or stock account in one of these stock companies. Ensure that the securities are registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Creating a stock account, you can come directly to the office or online. In times like this pandemic, it is best for you to stay home and create an online stock account.

The requirements are easy. Typically you just need to access an app or website to open a stock account online, fill in full personal data, upload a photo from e-KTP, NPWP, a photo using e-KTP, as well as a photo from your savings account book.

The stock company will process your online stock account application. If approved, you will receive within a few business days, a Single Investor Identification (SID) and a Client Fund Account (RDN) for the stock transaction.

Do the analysis

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In addition, you can find out the best time to buy stocks with a couple of analyzes that you can do. Technical analysis I, fundamental analysis II.

Fundamental analysis can refer to an approach to political conditions, economics, and business trends. You can view it through the financial statements of the company or the issuer.
Technical analysis can use an approach to stock movements over a certain period of time, including price and volatility, as well as information about the stock’s highs and lows.
Stock buying and selling transactions
If you buy shares, you should pay attention to the fluctuations in the movement of JCI due to external and internal factors, the company’s liquidity profile and level, return on shareholder investment, market trends, sales and earnings per share growth. However, what if the stock price drops?

It should also be noted that for every purchase and sale of shares, there is a transaction fee that will be charged to the investors. The amount of each sheet varies. So find the one that fits your needs and financial situation.

Monitor stock price movements

There are many external and internal factors. In addition, care must be taken to monitor the movement and direction of stock prices to see where they are heading. When the stock price is on target, you can choose to sell. Likewise with stock trends. Therefore, take the time to run the stocks online for about 15-30 minutes per session.

This is a review about investing in stocks online so that it can continue to be useful.

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